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North Korea Will Crumble! Mad man falls! ( Mark Taylor)

Wow! I can only imagine president Trump cringing at the structure of North Korea buildings. I was doing some reading and thought I’d share along with Mark Taylor’s message. They have a very weak foundation. Weak rebar and although they probably use cement, it looks more like a city made of mud! It looks like the buildings are already falling apart.

Lately, I’ve been praying about the despotic regimes arrayed against the U.S., Israel and the world, especially North Korea, but others as well. The Lord has led me to pray that these regimes and government systems will literally collapse from the inside, without having to be touched from the outside.

Father, in Jesus’ mighty Name, we agree that the savage and unstable North Korean regime will implode and collapse. We speak rust, decay and degradation to the foundations of this murderous regime and call forth the crumbling that will bring it down. Let not one stone of that governmental system be left on top of another. Let every one be toppled. Let the reign of terror be brought to a sudden end, cutting off the generational madness and curse, and let every agent of terror be removed from every position of authority, in the Name of Jesus. Let it fall from the inside, with no need for intervention from the nations, so that all the world will see Your hand at work.

Lord, protect the North Korean people. Set them free from the oppression and persecution they have suffered. Cause North and South Korea to be reunited as one great nation, led by men and women who fear and reverence and honor You. Let your Name be spoken freely, loudly and with great joy in Korea at last.


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